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After being a traditional counsellor for many years, I now work intuitively and have found results to be better and quicker.  

The information I receive reveals what the soul truly needs and not what the brain (the patient’s or mine) thinks it needs.

I invite you to try this new approach to find the balance between your soul and your mind, and as result, better health. 

A consultation with me: as simple as can be


Call me or send me an email with your name, date of birth*, and your address. With this information I connect to your vibration wich enables me to prepare your personal remedy, based on your current needs and blockages.


Along with your personalised flower remedy, I will also send you an explanation of the selected remedies and how they will help you. Price is 45 € (includes postal charges)


In order to have a good understanding and awareness of the selected remedies, I propose a 45 minute’s consultation by Zoom or telephone. Price is 50€.

Payable by cheque (France), or by credit card on PayPal.


*When ordering by Paypal, please

   add your date of birth in the

   remarks field.



I work with « Elixirs Floraux du Vallespir », manufactured at the foot of Mount Canigou in the Pyrénées Orientales, France; based on the traditional principles of Dr. Bach.

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