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Selection of flower elixirs

Dr Bach wanted his method to be accessible to the greatest number of people and indeed, one can choose his remedies based on information found in books and on the internet. The main obstacle here is that no one can really be objective about their own emotions and behaviours. It is very likely that we are unaware of them or deny them.


For this reason, it is a good idea to work with a counsellor trained by the Dr. Bach foundation, or any other organisation that maintains the integrity of Dr.Bach’s principles. These specialists can advise you objectively and explain the effect of each chosen elixir.

Today, some counsellors develop the selection intuitively, giving results that are even more in harmony with the real needs of the soul.


The explanation is very simple: nobody is completely objective regarding his or her own person, and there may also be underlying problems which the patient is unaware of, or ignores.


The counsellor on the other hand might hear the patient’s story through his own filters (i.e judgement), and the choice of the different flower elixirs might therefore be influenced by his own thoughts.

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